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You made a truly positive impact on my life and for that I am grateful.


Lucy, thank you so much for being a mentor to me these past two years. It's amazing seeing the love and drive you give to your students. I can't wait to see where your next adventures take you!


Lucy, thank you for opening a door for me. You are my first teacher to help my journey. Thank you for the opportunity and believing in me. I am happy and joyful for all the past 4 years.


Lucy, I have learned so much in your Mysore classes! You taught me how to concentrate on deepening a pose by being completely present.  You've given me the great gift of knowing enough yoga to practice by myself wherever and whenever I want.


Lucy, you opened my life up to the beauty and balance of yoga; for that, I will forever be grateful.


Lucy, thank you for being my teacher! I was so lucky to learn yoga from you and open the new journey towards yoga. If I didn't meet you, I couldn't grow and challenge myself. You always encouraged me and inspired me to greater efforts. Thank you for your enthusiasm and love.


I've loved the balance between precision and fluidity, and growth and patience. Developing my practice here has helped me in my ongoing evolution toward the best version of myself.


Whether I was a Mysore student for months or dropping in here or there by myself or with Jackie - you were always welcoming, accepting and patient. I learned so many things on my mat, under your teaching. 


Learning yoga from you has been a true pleasure and life-changing experience. Without judgement or negativity, you taught me how to turn inward and to challenge and learn about myself through yoga practice.

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