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The evolution of our soul

Updated: May 24, 2022

How many iterations do we go through before we evolve? Well, that's hard to say. Evolution isn't always obvious. Change, that is. It may not be glaring. It may be microscopic. But, it's there.

We are changing, even if we don't. Even with the same mindset, our bodies change even if we don't do a damn thing different. Nothing is permanent. So, to get ahead of the eight ball, it takes conscious decision and usually coupled with action.

What do we choose to set into action? For example,

instead of me waiting for something to manifest, I can choose to step forward and take action towards that direction in which I want to go. I can also trust it. I can trust putting my energy out there. It's real. The law of attraction. What we bring our attention to will most likely be the outcome. If we put positive thoughts out, we usually get positive outcomes. And, the same goes for negative thoughts.

As human beings, we tend toward the negative. We're wired to notice threats and ingrain in our minds to perceive it the next time it happens. This is a means of survival. However, it can either protect us or sabotage us moving forward. Our higher selves beckon us to widen the aperture. This calls for us to zoom way the fuck out. Otherwise, we find ourselves in a situation where we destroy the very thing we want.

Stepping outside the familiar is a test of faith and trust. Venturing into the unknown demands bravery of all sorts. In these days, that bravery is subtle. It doesn't show up armored. It actually is the opposite. It's to remove our armor and lay down our swords and shields. To say I'm strong enough to withstand what could happen. To know deep down, we will be fine. To trust ourselves to proceed.

Entrepreneurship is all about that. Sure, we have to make projections. Then once we have some metrics, we re-calibrate. Adjust. Evolve. Our lives are not so different from this model. We envision goals and dreams for ourselves. Perhaps we take steps to ensure those dreams become a reality. Those paths are never linear. In fact, it has a meandering quality to it. Those unpaved paths usually will take us on a little adventure. It's not an easy one. Chock full of obstacles and setbacks. The universe tests us. Do we really want it badly enough to stay the course?

Along the way, we learn about ourselves. We test our resilience. We fall down. But, do we get back up? Will we rise to the occasion of showing up for not only ourselves, but others? At some point, we might feel that we aren't that alone after all. We affect the greater network of human beings. We all radiate a frequency. We attract those who align with that wavelength.

Ultimately, as long as we engage we will evolve, not dissolve. It is inevitable to incur scrapes and bruises along the way. That isn't what should be feared. We should fear stagnation. Atrophy. Entropy. So, peel yourself out of bed if necessary. Make yourself take that walk outside. Sit still and meditate. In the wake of all this, we may hear our calling in the whispers of silence.

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