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How does TRUST work?

When I close my eyes and ask for guidance from my mother's spirit, she always comes to this one Just trust. Trust that what is happening is in your best interests. It's what I am supposed to experience. In these moments, I remind myself to relieve my mind and body of any tension surrounding whatever it is I'm pondering. When I release that tense energy, all trepidation or hesitation dissolves from my body. It's almost like a cloud looming over me lifts.

Have you ever had that experience?

The overarching question could be what and where is it in which we don't feel safe? To relinquish control is mine. How do we explore parts unknown without a safety net? So, in the end, it sounds like we need to trust ourselves. We need to find that space within us to know deep down, we'll be ok no matter what. There's a saying that the universe never hands us anything we can't truly handle. If that's the case, how can we NOT pursue the path unpaved? Wouldn't this virtually guarantee a life full of adventure and new experiences? Wouldn't it offer texture vs something so worn it's almost too polished to feel anything.

I'm here to tell you I wanna feel. I wanna feel everything. I know I want to live a life feeling like I gave it my all. I gave it a shot. I didn't hold back.

What about you?

Where have you held back because of some preconceived notion of fear? Fear of something that has yet to happen. Aren't we then essentially self-sabotaging in the name of probability vs possibility? One can argue that there's a pattern and recognize it unless you want to be the fool. I disagree to some extent. What if we shed our notions and narratives from our past lives? What if we step forward into a realm of the excited unknown?

I choose to follow my heart. And, my heart leads me to places I've never been. Fuck it. Be damned. Love to you all. Please share your moments of courage and where you've ventured into the dark to find your light.

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