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Yoga Mat and Straps
  • What do I need to start?
    A yoga mat (I recommend the following brands...Manduka, Jade, Lifeform), a couple of yoga blocks (3-4"), and a yoga strap to start. Check out this video for how to set up your home space ideal for online classes.
  • I'm brand new and I feel disconnected with the online format. What do you recommend?
    For this very reason, once you sign up be sure you schedule your first session on Saturdays during our in-person group self practices. Having that one on one live experience, I find, usually reassures the client of what they're getting into. Confidence and trust ensues which are integral for a positive learning environment. However, if in-person is not an option for you (be it time, day, or place), then any of the online classes will do just fine.
  • What do you offer that's different than other yoga teachers and online streaming platforms?
    I believe in personal attention and progressive learning methods. I believe in breaking down each posture to a comprehensive level prior to moving onto other postures. I have found this to be far more effective in practicing for your own body than a led class with numerous postures and at a pace which may not suit you. Also, after years of experience, I know the so-called rules (dogma) and bend them for the greater good of the student. With a keen eye for body mechanics, I am known to help students move better and safer.
  • How long does it take to get good?
    That's entirely up to you. I don't believe the volume of postures equals how "good" someone is. Posture trophies are not what I advocate. Instead, gauge your practice by how well you're able to breathe in it, hold it with steadiness, and transition in and out smoothly.
  • How come you don't have other plan options?
    I used to offer class packs and drop ins. For this format, I currently do not find it useful. From a growth standpoint, consistency is KEY. I'm in this for your progression, as should you if want to study under me.
  • Isn't doing the same thing boring?
    Well, you're not doing the same thing technically. If you're consistently investing time and energy to your practice, you will experience growth. It may not always be physical. Maintenance is greatly underestimated. We see that as stagnation when in fact you're still progressing but at a much more subtler rate. We are either progressing or regressing each day. And, doing nothing is, well you guessed it. Be patient with yourself and flourish in the process. Time flies and before you know it, you'll find yourself either at the bottom of the hill and wondering how you got there or you've conquered a summit and you know exactly how you got there.
  • What's your favorite pose and why?
    Triangle pose. I always feel something while performing it. It's a pretty basic pose that kicks my ego's ass each time. Just when I feel like I got this and I don't need the basics, this very pose is a humbling reminder to keep at the foundation as that's where we can really work our soil...either by turning it over and replanting, or watering it for further nourishment.
  • I've seen "Prana Vibe" here and there on your social media and testimonials. What's that?"
    Prana Vibe was a studio I opened in Chantilly, VA with a former partner back in 2012. We ran both a complete program of strength & conditioning and yoga classes there. We closed late July of 2020. It was a successful run in terms of making a lifelong positive impact for many in our community. For that I am proud and grateful.
  • Where's your bio?
    I didn't feel the need to post that in any main parts of the website as this has way more to do with your experience than what I've done in the past. It's how you feel supported by your teacher that matters and not so much my years of teaching. I believe in leading from the heart and the head follows very closely. Nonetheless, here it is! I started teaching yoga back in 2005. After an initial teacher training with Kimberly Wilson of the former Tranquil Space in DC, I found my voice to share what I loved doing; the movement and practice of yoga. I explored more deeply with Down Dog Yoga's Baptiste Power Yoga teacher training with Patty Ivey. Subsequently, I studied under Baron Baptiste himself and many of his other senior teachers. I started gravitating toward Ashtanga. My world opened up that much more. Tim Miller, Keith Moore, David Keil, David Kyle, and Tova Steiner were my greatest influencers in me anchoring in this lineage of yoga practice. It felt grounding, honest, and it was really hard work. Humbling indeed. Mostly what I loved about Ashtanga and the method in which I chose to teach it was its adaptability to the individual. Depth of posture is relative to the individual. Someone being able to touch their toes can be a great feat. While others, grabbing their ankles in a backbend might be theirs (although I'll readily admit, this is extremely rare and isn't appropriate for most). I later delved into CrossFit, and movement training with Ido Portal. Game changers. I was able to dissect instabilities in my practice and reinforce those areas to practice safer and stronger with no compromise to my flexibility gains. I've woven in principles from these other modalities into my teachings. What I always promote is listening to our bodies first and foremost. NEVER compare your practice nor your body to someone else's. This journey is entirely your own and it's as unique as your fingerprint. "Espress yourself". I know the spelling is off but I kinda like it! I heard the instructor from a Muse Paintbar say that often as we were creating our own masterpieces with his guidance. There was no such thing as perfect. It's all expression. So, I dare say, I teach you to espress yourself as authentically and brightly as you can.
  • When does on-demand become available?
    On-demand videos will be uploaded same day as that particular class offering. For example, let's say the meditation class is offered at 6:30am. It'll be ready for viewing later that same day within an hour or two at the latest. I don't have an automatic upload yet so I have to do each of these manually. As technology and I catch up, we'll shorten that window!
  • Why don't you offer led yoga classes like I normally see at gyms and studios?
    I've been doing led classes since 2005. I found that I prefer to see growth of my students on a more intimate and individualized level. And where I see that the most is in the Mysore style. This caters truly to all levels. The pace is ultimately set by the student. They're accountable for the energy they bring to the table. It's also sustainable. Ashtanga, in my opinion, has nothing to do with extreme contortionism. It has all to do with listening to your body, tuning into your breath, and focusing your mind. And, you can practice anywhere! It encourages the student to become interdependent versus co-dependent. I'm not opposed to teaching led classes as part of an event, like a fundraiser. You'll see that offered as well; just not on a regular basis.
  • What if I forgot the yoga I learned before?
    Just start. Seriously. I learned life is more than postures. They are there to serve us, not the other way around. I always say they are like tools in your toolbelt. Take them out and use them when needed. For example, I have a drill yet don't use it often. I have to familiarize myself with it each time I bring it out. Practice is no different. The more you use it, the more confident you'll become welding it in your hands. I'll guide you from wherever you are. I don't see life as some upward line of progression. Growth shows up in different ways. I encourage you to see that just getting to your mat once again can be a huge feat to overcome.
  • What are your member exclusive offerings?
    Well, well, well. Tricks of the trade! Ever wonder how people magically can do gravity defying transitions? Handstands for days? It all goes back to basics to be honest with you. Drills drills, and more drills. Building up the finer motor skills, core stability and activation, and mobility points are what lead to the very movement executions we kind of drool at. They're there for you to add to your toolbelt. Shoulder & hip rehab/prehab Core strengthening and stability training Mobility extras Posture breakdowns ...and more I will recommend drill sequencing, timing, and frequency to achieve optimal results.
  • Why don't you offer all in-person classes?
    After closing my studio, Prana Vibe, I decided I wanted try something different. During the 2020 pandemic, the stay at home orders and shutdown forced us to adapt very quickly. We went virtual Zoom and I felt we had great success there. I saw most if not all the members who participated grow even more during those times. They were able to attend more frequently and in the convenience of their own home. I included one in-person class because I believe it is human nature to want to be around other people. There's a collective vibe that ensues and it feels like home.
  • I just suck at memorizing (which is what Mysore entails) and I want someone to tell me what to do and where to go (aka led classes)!
    I've worked with several people who start Mysore and later learned how to sharpen that movement memory tool. It's like everything else, the more you use it, the sharper it becomes. It may take a bit longer and more focus. That is certainly not a negative. I've witnessed countless times people who have never done yoga and were pretty sedentary pick it up and feel confident they know what they're doing. I've had seasoned "flow" yogis take Mysore and began to really appreciate the meditative and self-studying aspect of a self-paced practice. This may be the very thing you find useful! Flexing those memorizing muscles!
  • I'm not in the area and can never make your in-person classes.
    No problem. Stick with the online classes and you'll get plenty of juice out of it. The interactive nature of these online classes will nourish you as if you came to an in-person class!
  • Do you do nutrition counseling?
    I used to. I found that this is one of those things I'd rather recommend a third party (mentioned below). I have nothing against any food group or food-like products to be honest. I used to demonize certain foods. However, now I feel we are all different and for you to maximize what you want out of improving your nutrition is highly personal. I've done several different diet regimens. The one I come back to is primarily Paleo/Primal in nature and that's with about an 80/20 rule. When I've really slipped for whatever reasons, I dial back in with a stricter ratio. I also highly recommend Renaissance Periodization(RP) nutrition program. They have one on one coaching, a podcast, and an app you can use that's super handy! You can essentially eat whatever it is you want so long as the numbers work. Side bar...I found out quickly the cleaner I eat, the more I get to eat. The "dirtier" I eat, the very little I get to eat and then I'm a starvin' Marvin. RP is science. By the way, I don't get any sort of kick back or perk recommending them. It simply works. Period. Finally, my two cents on the concept of nutrition. I believe we should eat to perform and enjoy life. I try my best to adhere to that as consistently as possible. It's annoying to think of the consequences of eating xyz, but when I do have the forethought to do so, I ease up or back off altogether. It's not a fear response. It's more about hey, what do I want out of life. When I'm on top of my nutrition, I feel better and stronger. And, yes my body composition is also more in line for better physical performance.
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