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Thanks for dropping in! I'd love to share a lil about myself and how I got on this crazy wild, yet transformative ride. I feel like I've been through many iterations and am in store for much more. 

I'd love for you to join me in your very own alchemy. All things yoga and movement. I got you! Let's see where we can journey together. 

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My Story

I stepped onto a mat for the first time at the ripe old age of 8. At my private school, the students were given options for extracurricular activities. I was only 1 of 4 students out of the entire school to select yoga. Back then, yoga wasn’t mainstream. All 4 of us were hyper self-conscious and I never went back until many years later. A friend encouraged me to take a yoga class with her at a dance studio in DC. It sounded fun and I figured it would be relatively easy. Boy, was I wrong! First, the teacher was drop dead gorgeous…honey-like skin, svelte figure, and a short wavy bob. Second, the class kicked my butt…hard. I couldn’t believe how hard it was! My shoulders were burning and my wrists hurt from holding downward facing dog, a common pose in yoga. Hooked. I was hooked ever since. 


Soon after, I did my first teacher training, a 50 hr vinyasa course simply to deepen my practice. They encouraged us to find our own voices and let that shine through when teaching. I quickly discovered I had a knack for it. Once I graduated, I hustled to find jobs where I could offer this practice which I’ve come to adore. I started teaching at Gold’s Gym and also pursued my first 200 hr power yoga teacher training. Subsequently, I continued on to invest in many more trainings including Baptiste Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Miller, Shiva Rea’s 500hr, and many more. 


Over several years of practice, I started incurring injuries. They’re mainly from instabilities in my body mechanics. I came across Ido Portal, a well-known movement icon and started my journey there into movement culture. The next two years transformed not only my practice, but I also became very strong. Strict muscle-ups and handstand presses to name a few. I started to incorporate some of these movement principles into my teaching. It made a huge difference in people’s practices. Emphasizing mobility while maintaining stability was a game changer. Very soon, students were able to access more depth and function through these principles. 


I designed MO+RE, an acronym for mobility and recovery, movement refined. Harnessing the craft of yoga asana (postures) and mixing it with sound mobility tools, equaled a recipe for optimizing the human experience through mindfulness, movement, and meditation.


In 2012, I opened Prana Vibe, a strength & conditioning and yoga studio in Northern Virginia, and impacted so many lives in our community. In 2020, I closed the studio and went on to pursue other things. Currently, I’m the yoga director for XCAL, a shooting sports and fitness facility in Ashburn, VA. I’m excited to continue the evolution of sharing this healing and empowering practice to others. 


I live in Northern Virginia with the love of my life, and my two furbabies Mochi and Luna. I enjoy rockclimbing, hiking, shooting, and archery. 


I'm always in helping people expand into their deeper truths through yoga and movement. Let's connect.

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